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Who are the Anindilyakwa people?

The Anindilyakwa people were brought to Groote Eylandt on a series of song lines, which created the land, rivers, animals and people, and named everything pertaining to the region, as well as laying down rules of marriage, kinship and ceremonial law.

The Traditional Owners of the Groote Archipelago are an amalgamation of two cultures – the Warnindilyakwa, whom have occupied Groote Eylandt for around 8,000 years, and the Nunggubuyu. The latter, at the invitation of the Warnindilyakwa began their migration to Groote Eylandt in the second half of the 18th century. The Warnindilyakwa and the Nunggubuyu of the Groote Archipelago now constitute a family based collective culture that is bond by Ceremonial participation of two types. Both cultures speak, as their first language, Anindilyakwa.

The Groote Archipelago Aboriginal culture is now commonly referred to as the Anindilyakwa culture, and the people as the Anindilyakwa people.

Learn more here.

What is an art centre?

Art Centres are dynamic, indigenous owned not-for-profit enterprises who sell and distribute art. Art centres are also art studios, museums/keeping places, meeting places, centres of employment and up-skilling, repositories for Indigenous cultural knowledge, and a safe place for community.

Art centres fulfil a unique role in community. They provide important economic opportunities in addition to supporting strong social and cultural outcomes. Learn more about art centres here and here.

Who makes the artwork?

All Anindilyakwa Arts artwork is made by warnamamalya (Indigenous) artists who are members of the art centre. Art centre membership is free for all community members. Artists may create work in the art centre, at home, or on Country.

Certificates of authenticity are available for all Anindilyakwa Arts artwork.

Do the artists receive fair payment?

Yes, Anindilyakwa Arts is a member of the Indigenous Art Code. Artists receive the largest share of the artwork sale price, with the remainder being reinvested into the art centre program.

By buying artwork from Anindilyakwa Arts, you are directly supporting remote warnamamalya artists and ensuring that your artwork is both authentic and purchased for a fair price. Learn more about ethical art purchasing here.

Can I visit?

Our Alyangula Gallery is open Tues – Thursday, 10am – 5pm, on Saturdays 9am – 1pm, or by appointment.

Our art centres are community only spaces and do not allow drop in visits.

We travel regularly for art fairs and love to meet new people. Keep an eye on our social media or sign up to our newsletter to see where we are heading next.

Can I book a tour or workshop?

Yes, you can fill in our terms of engagement for here.

We often hold workshops during art fairs, keep an eye on our social media or sign up to our newsletter to keep updated.

I would like to buy something I can’t see online?

We only have a selection of our artwork available online. If you are after something specific, please contact our gallery via 08 8987 6072 or

Can I commission an artwork?

Yes, however due to resources required to manage commissions, we only accept large-scale commissions.

If there is a specific type of artwork that you are after, we can add you to a waitlist and contact you when something similar comes into the gallery.

When will my purchase be shipped?

Our general mail plane leaves Groote Eylandt every Thursday and Friday. Due to our remote location, shipping takes longer than on the mainland.

Daily express shipping is available, however we cannot guarantee the arrival date other than that it will arrive faster than normal post.

Larger larger items, like spears, yirakas and hollow logs, will need to be posted via the weekly barge and road courier. Freight times for these items are longer due to logistics.

Our team will always try to get your artwork delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please contact us for shipping costs.

Do you do exchanges or returns?

Only if items are damaged or vary significantly from expectations.

Please note when purchasing any of our Bush Dye items; as a handmade product, every item is unique and product images and colour ways are an indication, not an exact representation, of items.

Do you repair artwork?

Only if items are received damaged.

Unfortunately, we cannot repair damage caused by wear and tear.

How do I care for my bush dye?

Our bush dye is handmade using native botanicals endemic to the Groote Archipelago. All products are colour fast but, as a natural product, may change over time.

Download our Bush Dye Care brochure here.

Where can I keep up to date with art centre news?

Sign up to our email below. Or follow us on instagram and facebook.

Can I become an Anindilyakwa Arts stockist?

Yes, we are always looking for new wholesalers. To apply, please fill out and return this form.

Please note, Indigenous Art Code membership and proximity of location to existing stockists are considered for all new applicants.

You haven’t replied to my email – where are you?!

We do our very best to get back to everyone as quickly as possible but we receive many emails every day – especially our manager!

If it has been more than 5 business days please re-send your email to or call our gallery on (08) 8987 6072.

If you still cannot reach us, please email

Thank you for your patience!

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