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Women’s Business Camp 2023

Women’s Business Camp 2023

17 – 19 May 2023 
Malmudinga Beach | Groote Eylandt NT 

For the second year, the art centre was invited to take part in the annual Women’s Business Camp, an initiative of the ALC Anthropology team and Learning on Country program.  

Women’s Business Camps provide culturally appropriate spaces where senior Anindilyakwa Women can impart important cultural knowledge and skills to young girls on Country. The 2023 Women’s Business Camp focused specifically on women’s health. 

Due to the innate intergenerational teaching element of Dadikwakwa-kwa, Doll Shell workshops were soon incorporated into art centre Learning on Country sessions and the Women’s Business Camp program. Held in tandem with the young women’s health teachings, Dadikwakwa-kwa was able to be used again as a tangible tool for senior women to impart and reinforce important knowledge to young girls on Country. 

The resulting collection of Dadikwakwa-kwa, were gifted by the young artists to the art centre for accessioning into the Groote Eylandt Community Collection.  

Women's Business Camp | ALC Anthropology from Anindilyakwa Media on Vimeo.


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