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Panel: UNESCO Roundtable - New Forms of Return and Restitution

Panel: UNESCO Roundtable - New Forms of Return and Restitution

27 June 2023 
Paris France  

The Anindilyakwa return project, with reference to the on Country consultations held at the art centre and cultural revival of Dadikwakwa-kwa (Doll Shells), was selected to be a case study in the recent UNESCO round table: New Forms of Agreement and Cooperation in the Field of Return and Restitution of Cultural Property, held in Paris on 27 June.  

Represented by Opehlia Rubinich, AIATSIS Return of Cultural Heritage A/c Director, and Georgina Young, Manchester Museum Head of Collection and Exhibitions, we are proud to hear our story shared so eloquently on an international stage. The return of the 174 Anindilyakwa cultural items from Manchester demonstrates the value of returning cultural items to indigenous communities globally, and the unintended positive impacts it can have on communities.   

The presentation can be viewed here:

The 14-minute presentation begins approximately at 2:16:30.

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