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Exhibition: Heart in Art 2023

Exhibition: Heart in Art 2023

28 June - 23 July 2023  
Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf | Sydney NSW 

Featuring artworks by three established Anindilyakwa artists, the art centre again took part in the annual collaborative exhibition between Woollahra Council and First Hands Solutions Aboriginal Corporation. Coinciding with the National Indigenous Art Fair and NAIDOC week, the exhibition showcases First Nations from remote art centres across the country.  

Senior weaver, Elsie Bara, created a unique contemporary flat mat weaving created from white pandanus and inky bush-dyed silk.  

Artist and arts worker, Charmaine Kerindun, pushed her bush dye practice to capture impressions of Anindilyakwa Country on her most ambitious length of silk yet, creating a stunning wall hanging.  

Senior artist, Elvis Bara, debuted his new sand-style artwork to the public. Developed in collaboration with his wife, Stephanie Durilla, the couple created a unique technique to ‘paint’ with highly textured, coloured sand collected from a secret location near the mangroves on their outstation. Applied over a manganese black base, the sand gives Elvis’ hand carved maminjirrada (hook spears) and awulmarra (spear thrower) a new dimension.  

For more information on the exhibition click here.    

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