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Commission: Powerhouse Museum

Commission: Powerhouse Museum

Last year, Anindilyakwa Arts had the privilege of working with the Powerhouse Museum and Agency Projects on our most ambitious commission to date. The resulting artwork created from over over 200m of bush dyed silk, 50m of malbalba (bush string) and 25 dedicated artists, explores an old Wanindilyakwa story. 

‘Akilagamirdada-Langwa Akilarrkardidarra-Langwa’ (Wet Season West Wind and Dry Season East Wind), tells the story of Wanindilyakwa’s relationship with the Bara West Wind, the Mamarika East Wind, and the Macassar ships that were carried to Anindilyakwa shores by those seasonal winds.    

While this project is still under wraps, you can catch a glimpse of the artists' creative process in the below video by Tim Hillier, produced in partnership with Agency Projects. We can't wait to share more with you! 

Anindilyakwa Arts from Anindilyakwa Media on Vimeo

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