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Anindilyakwa Arts Values Tree

Anindilyakwa Arts Values Tree

After restructuring in early 2022 that allowed the art centre to better support community, the art centre staff and artists came together to reimagine the art centre Values Tree.

Anindilyakwa Arts is a valued and respected community space and the arts team wanted to ensure that the art centre’s mission and impact were clearly captured in their values tree.

Artist and art and culture officer, Maicie Lalara, translated the values tree into a graphic design based on a mangrove tree because of its deep roots and high branches, perfect to represent the art centre's strong cultural foundations and growth of our artists. 

Anindilyakwa Arts prides itself on being a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable space for community members. Maicie said that she hopes her Values Tree design helps everyone understand the art centre story and how important it is to community. 

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