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Sharna Wurramara

Sharna Wurramara

b. 22.05.1988
language: Anindilyakwa
community: Angurugu

Sharna Wurrumara, an Arts and Cultural Officer and key artist of the Angurugu community, is best known for her weaving - particularly her 'Sharna Hoops', brightly woven hoop earrings that are a guaranteed sell out at every art fair.

Guided by the knowledge passed down from her mother, aunties and grandmothers, Sharna creates mostly contemporary fibre work and wearble art. She is an experimental bush dyer and has significantly contributed to several art centre fashion lines. Over the years as an Arts and Cultural Officer, she has played a vital role in art fair sales and teaching and supporting fellow artists. Sharna is committed to keeping culture and community strong in her role at the art centre. 

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