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Lawrence Yantarrnga & Lilliane Wurramara

Lawrence Yantarrnga & Lilliane Wurramara

b. 28/03/1954 (Lawrence) and 28/04/1972 (Lilliane)
language: Anindilyakwa 
community: Milyakburra (Bickerton Island) 

Working as a duo, husband and wife team, Lawrence Yantarrnga and Lillian Wurramara, together to produce intricately carved whistle bird sculptures. They work with family members to sustainably harvest milkwood timber for their work, and are teaching younger artists their process.

Lawrence is from the Salt Lake area on Groote Eylandt but lives on Bickerton Island (Milyakburra) with Lillian.

Lillian grew up in Banyala on the mainland where she was taught the concise carving skills that decorate their birds.

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