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Jeanelle Mamarika

Jeanelle Mamarika


b. 19/12/1978
language: Anindilyakwa 
community: Umbakumba

Jeanelle Mamarika is an Arts and Cultral Officer at Umbakumba Art Centre, and an accomplished weaver, taught by her aunty Edith Mamarika. Her artistic focus centers around traditional mediums such as mangkurrkwa (pandanus), resulting in functional creations including baskets, bowls, belts, and earrings. Jeanelle's significance as an artist extends beyond her skills, as she assumes a vital role as a teacher, passing down traditional practices to the younger generations in Umbakumba. Jeanelle's artistic achievements are noteworthy, including her participation in the esteemed Country to Couture event, where her 2020 design was acquired by Charles Darwin University

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