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Elsie Bara

Elsie Bara

b. 28/07/1967
language: Anindilyakwa 
community: Four Mile Outstation 
mother country: Darlumba Bay
father country: Alyangula

Elsie Bara, a senior Anindilyakwa artist, resides with her family at Fourmile Outstation. Renowned as a master weaver and bush string artist, she serves as a teacher for young artists, ensuring the continuity of these cultural traditions. Elsie's expertise extends to natural dyeing, which she skillfully incorporates into contemporary bush dye techniques.

Elsie has significantly contributed to various fashion lines at the art center and has actively participated in collaborative bush dye textile projects. Elsie finds immense joy in the process of creating baskets and gayuwa (dilly bag) at the art center. Elsie credits her mother, who shared the secrets of gayuwa and basket weaving with her.

Elsie is the proud grandmother of our Art and Culture Officer, Sheanah Marawili, and the sister of senior artists Elvis Bara. 

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