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Charmaine Kerindun

Charmaine Kerindun

b. 27.09.1979
language: Anindilyakwa 
community: Angurugu

Charmaine is an Art and Culture Officer at Anindilyakwa Arts, situated at Angurugu Women's Art Centre. Born in Aurukun (QLD) to am Aurukun father and Wanindilyakwa mother, Charmaine is a talented artist who explores a diverse mediums such as jewelry-making, printmaking, and weaving.

Charmaine's artistic practice intertwines traditional and contemporary approaches, exemplified by her celebrated "new ways dilly bags." Additionally, Charmaine explores experimental bush dyeing, drawing upon ancient natural dyeing techniques to produce distinct patterns and vibrant colors on various fabrics.

Committed to knowledge-sharing, she generously imparts her skills to other artists and actively engages in youth programs, ensuring the sharing of traditional skills for future generations.

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