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Maicie Lalara

Maicie Lalara

b. 29/05/1986
language: Anindilyakwa 
community: Umbakumba

“Everything we create, we feel our ancestors whispering and talking, and singing along the wind”

Maicie Lalara is a talented Artist and Arts and Culture Officer at Anindilyakwa Arts. Based in Umbakumba community on the east coast of Groote Eylandt, Maicie is an emerging leader on eylandt. She is a passionate advocate for Learning on Country programs, strongly feeling the importance of actively engaging younger generations with art and Country, connecting them with their ancestors through creative practice. Maicie’s acceptance into the competitive ANKA Arts Worker Extension Program in 2023, highlights her dedication to her craft and expansion of her professional skills.

One the art centres most experimental artists, Maicie is well known for her Yilkwa (monster fish) – character filled aquatic weavings created from a combination of locally salvaged ghost net, mangkurrkwa (pandanus) and other found and traditionally harvested materials. Maicie is rarely found not creating, being a talented natural dyer and print maker, in addition to fibre artist.

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