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Danjibana Noeleen Lalara

Danjibana Noeleen Lalara

b. 24.07.1970
language: Anindilyakwa 
community: Umbakumba 
mother country: Amakajirrba
father country: Amaya 

“I’ve been living on Umbakumba, my mothers country, since 2008. I've started doing arts a few years ago, while I was doing my Bachelor (of education) at CDU. I have grandchildren so I've been doing it slowly, travelling to Darwin to study between spending time with my family and working at the art centre.

I do weaving, traditional way with pandanus and new way with ghost net and bush dye. We all do it differently, my daughter in law Maicie does it her way and I do mine. We help each other too. I work mostly at the gallery, sharing our art with the world and helping teach visitors. But sometimes I work at the art centre at Umbakumba with (my daughter in law) Maicie. We train all the other ladies to weave and do bush dye too.

Art is very important for our community and teaching our young ones. I am proud that this is my role.”

Noeleen is a senior artist and lead Art and Cultural Officer at Anindilyakwa Arts, in addition to an Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) and Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists (ANKA) board member. Working predominately at the Anindilyakwa Art Gallery, Noeleen is an active participant in the art centre’s external and creative programs, passionate about sharing the art centre story and empowering community to keep cultural practices strong. Coming to the art centre originally as an artist in 2018, Noeleen has worked hard over the past five years to become a key member of the art centre team and strong advocate for Anindilyakwa people and culture.

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