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Annabell Dingmalmurrangkama Amagula

Annabell Dingmalmurrangkama Amagula

b. 04.07.1965
language: Anindilyakwa
community: Angurugu

Annabell Amagula is a senior artist and Arts and Cultural Officer from Angurugu Community. Highly skilled in traditional fibre crafts, she is a master bush string maker and weaver who teaches younger generations to keep cultural knowledge strong. She is best known for her bright contemporary weavings, whereby she repurposes old fabrics, bush dyed silks and pandanus to create two-dimensional weavings often featuring whimsical motifs like flowers and fish.

Annabell has taught national and international workshops, facilitating ghost net weaving workshops at art fairs, festivals, schools and universities. In 2019 she participated in an artist in residence program with Asialink in Indonesia where she delivered workshops and developed new works to communicate and creatively address environmental issues affecting sea life and coastal communities in Australia and Indonesia. Annabel has also been a central artist in developing contemporary bush dye practices collaborating on fashion projects in 2017-2023.

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