Vera Lalara’s new bird carvings

We were so excited yesterday when we stopped by 4 Mile outstation and collected these beauties from emerging artist Vera Lalara. Vera has just begun making work for the art centre, joining the Umbakumba women for natural textile dyeing on Thursdays and developing a home-based carving and weaving practice. We can’t wait to see more work from Vera.

“These are my new birds. They’re my first carvings, I’m just trying. I’m learning off my poison cousin at my home on 4 Mile. We can’t speak to each other, it’s law, so I sit far enough away from him to see how he does it. I’m just learning but it’s good, I will make lots more.”

Vera Lalara

Groote Eylandt Anindilyakwa Aboriginal Artist Vera Lalara
Traditional Groote Eylandt Bird Carving - Aboriginal Anindilyakwa Artist Vera Lalara