Umbakumba Art Centre Opening

2018 has been an exciting year for Anindilyakwa Arts. For Umbakumba artists it has been quite significant. For over a year, the artists have been operating one day a week on the beach. As of October, a building by the beach lovingly known as ‘the beach house’ is now being used by artists three days a week with the potential to extend as the art centre grows. In December, the ladies celebrated this success and finished the year with an opening ceremony for the space. The ladies named the building Alyimberrima which is the name of the place on the other side of the lagoon. As Noeleen Lalara said, they named it that because “it faces us and we face it”.

The artists were very happy with how the event turned out. Over 50 people attended the day event, enjoying the food, music and small exhibition of the artists work. The artists and Anindilyakwa Arts team would like to say thank you to everyone that helped on the days leading up to the event and the day itself. It was a fantastic way for everyone to end the year. Umbakumba senior project officer Maice Lalara reflected on last year saying,

“I am proud of my ladies, Celina and myself and I am excited for this year.”

While the wood is too wet for the dye pot fires, the beginning of 2019 sees a focus on pandanus weaving in both Angurugu and Umbakumba. This decision was led by the artists as they wish to see their daughters and granddaughters learn their old ways and pass on traditional knowledge. Not all artists know how to weave with pandanus and are excited to learn weaving traditional way. Workshops will also begin in the schools as part of their learning on country curriculum. Knowledge is power.

Anindilyakwa Arts
Umbakumba community lining up for BBQ!
Anindilyakwa Arts
Artists enjoying the food and view at Alyimberrima Opening
Anindilyakwa Arts
Artists Rita Bara and Elsie Bara modelling Maicie Lalara’s digital print designs.
Umbakumba Art
Umbakumba Artists Josetta Jaragba, Sue Bara, Maureen Bara, Monica Bara and Edith Mamarika preparing yellow colour to dye pandanus
umbakumba art
Umbakumba Artists preparing pandanus in their new art centre
artists: Jeanelle Mamarika, Josetta Jaragba, Maureen Bara, Sue Bara, Thelma Wanambi, Maice Lalara, Nelitta Nunggumajbarr
Groote Eylandt
Edith Mamarika making pandanus earrings