Our Warnumamalya Staff from Anindilyakwa Arts

Annabel Amagula - Senior Artist & Project Officer

Annabell Amagula

Project Officer & Senior Artist

Annabell is a master dyer, weaver & print maker and supports the artistic development and community development of the art centre. She believes passionately in keeping culture alive through art and embracing new mediums to express Anindilyakwa culture. 

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Bernadette Watt

Project Officer & Artist

Bernadette is a strong teacher and leader at the Angurgu studio. She is just returned from leave visiting family in Mornington Island & Darwin, it's great to have her home!

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Maicie Lalara

Umbakumba Arts Worker & Artist

Maicie is a strong and enthusiastic leader of the Umbakumba bush dyers and is excited by the prospect of teaching young people the bush dyeing craft.


Letoria Yulidjirri

Arts Worker & Emerging Artist

Letoria is a young artist and hard working project officer who fills the art centre with laughter. Letoria enjoys dying and is currently learning to weave baskets with ghost net.

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We are proud to be operating under the Anindilyakwa Land Council and working with many of their wonderful team to grow and develop our art centre to create sustainable and meaningful jobs for the future.