Pandanus Basket Scarf


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In 2017 Anindilyakwa Arts launched their first Bush Dye fashion collection, including plant dyed garments along with accessories woven from reclaimed ghost nets and recycled textiles such as earrings, bags and baskets on the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair ‘Country to Couture’ catwalk. Every year since, artists have been creating an annual fashion collection to be debuted at this event that has come to attract national and international audiences.

Collaborating with Darwin textile artist Anna Reynolds, Warnumamalya artists now also incorporate digital textile designs into their fashion collection pieces. Elements from each artist’s artworks, country and culture are photographed then manipulated in design software to create an exclusive design.

In 2021 this concept expanded to an exclusive digital printed scarf range, printed on a selection of beautiful silks.

“I was making basket with pandanus because I was learned by Aunty, she showed me to make a basket with pandanus. The basket on the scarf is my first time making basket with pandanus.

I love to make the basket with pandanus. We are doing to ways, old ways and new ways. But I stick to the old ways.  I need to stick on the old ways with the pandanus and making the baskets. Pandanus is my favourite thing, I make everything with pandanus.

We go out bush and collect yellow colour, red colour and the black colour. We dig the colours with shovels and bring it to the art centre. When we peel the pandanus we dry it in the sun and when it gets dry we boil it in the colour. After we boil it we take it from the pot and dry the pandanus. The when its dry we start making baskets.  I like the yellow and red colour. When we boil it in the pot sometimes the colour gets brown when we mix red and yellow”.

As told by artist Jeanelle Mamarika


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Medium: Silk Crepe

Size: 110cm x 110cm