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A ghost net is a plastic fishing net lost or discarded at sea from a fishing boat that continues to drift and ‘fish’ on its own. In many Northern Australian communities, ghost nets wash up on beaches and cause environment damage and the loss of marine life.  The name ‘ghost net’ has evolved from the net’s ‘ghostly’ ability to fish by itself.

The Anindilyakwa artists use the discarded ghost net to create contemporary weavings such as baskets and sculptures. The artists use bush dyed fabrics, string, recycled silk sari from a women’s cooperative in India and other textiles to create their “new ways” artworks. 

“It started from the old ways, making baskets with Pandanus. We do the new ways now with some ghost net and fabrics. Those nets kill our bush tucker, our turtles and fish and crab, the rangers go around an pick up the net and give it to us. Our weaving carry the story”

Artist Annabell Amagula 


Annabell Amagula
Annabell Amagula
7 artworks

Catalog Number: 20-867

Medium: Ghost net and recycled fabric

Size: 23cm x 10cm