Watch This Space – Men’s Art Program

In October last year the Anindilyakwa Arts team welcomed Tom Zagami into its folds. Tom joins us as the men's coordinator with the aim of starting up the new program which will support male artists and traditional art.

"After a period of setting up an office, storage space and work area in Angurugu, the Mens’ Art Program has been gathering momentum. There have been men coming to the fore from Umbakumba, Angurugu and on Bickerton Island. Some successful trips out to harvest materials such as timber for carving, Didgeridoos and Bark are happening and art works are underway.

The program is establishing relationships and meeting men in the community that have knowledge and experience in the practice of making art.  Encouragement and support is being provided to explore the possibilities in the return to making objects and paintings that might provide a link between culture and art… and some new artworks for our gallery." - Tom

We are excited to see action on all fronts from didge and bark collection to painting. Most importantly, we are super excited to see the development of these artists and who else joins the Men's Art Program.

Didgeridoo collection
Johnson Mamarika found himself a didgeridoo!
Ronson Wurramara collecting didgeridoos
Ronson Wurramara collecting didgeridoos
Groote Eylandt
Canoe carving by Bickerton Island artist Elvis Bara
Groote Eylandt
Bird carving by Bickerton Island artist Elvis Bara