Indonesian Adventures for Annabell and Maicie!

In October 2018, Anindilyakwa Arts project officers Maicie Lalara and Annabell Amagula, along with art director Aly De Groot, travelled to Indonesia for professional and skill development opportunities. For Maicie and Annabell it was their first overseas trip! In Bali, they learnt batik and plant dying techniques with Threads of Life, a fair-trade business that works with culture and conservation to alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia. They visited another dye studio called Tarum, a natural dye house using leaf parts to make plant dyed products including clothing and homewares, on a large scale. Annabell and Maicie participated in a shibori workshop there, learning several new techniques.

Maicie said

‘I like the designs, I can’t wait to see these on some models, maybe Nelitta, my daughter again and the other young girls’

The team of three then travelled to Jakarta where Anindilyakwa Arts designs featured on the catwalk on the main fashion stage as a part of the Australian Embassy’s showcase at Jakarta Fashion week.

Annabel said

“We enjoyed ourselves, seeing the modelling of our designs. I liked seeing the other fashion, it was nice, and different and gives me ideas. They weave too, we saw big hats and different designs and colours.”