Finders Keepers & Fibre Arts Festival

Last November, Anindilyakwa Arts was sponsored by Finders Keepers, a design market which features the work of independent makers and designers from Australia, as part of their Indigenous Program which aims to encourage and support indigenous makers in their commercial endeavours. All set up was provided before and extra assistance in marketing and general support before, during and after was offered. When travelling from remote Australia, this is a huge amount of support and Anindilyakwa Arts cannot be thankful enough! The stall was manned by Anindilyakwa artists Tammy Lalara, project officer Celina Ernst and art director Aly De Groot with a ghost net weaving demonstration held in the stall by Tammy and Sharna. It was lovely a weekend with lots of support and interest from visitors. Some even coming just to make it to the Anindilyakwa Arts stall!

After Finders Keepers, the team headed to the Sunshine Coast for the Inaugural Fibre Arts Festival. The Fibre Arts Festival had strong cross-cultural undertones, with powerful opening and closing ceremonies conducted by Gabi Gabi traditional owner Lyndon Ainslie. Festival organiser, Alice Spittle, is a traditional Maori weaver and many of her family members, who are highly esteemed weavers from New Zealand, travelled to the sunshine Coast to share their stories, songs and traditions. Sharna and Tammy received respect and gifts from the Maori weavers, who were very honoured to meet the artists, appreciating their culture and the fact that they had travelled so far. The other festival participants also appreciated the artists presence. The artists plan to share their new found skills and ideas with the other artists back on Groote.

Finders Keepers Brisbane SS18
Photo Credit: Finders Keepers Brisbane SS18, Samee Lapham Tammy Lalara and Sharna Wurramara during a ghost net weaving demonstration
Fibre Arts Festival
Artists Tammy and Sharna, project officer Celina and attendee Keri participating in Jennifer Cloustan's twine making workshop
Anindilyakwa Arts
Sharna and Tammy participating in a hongi during the closing ceremony of Fibre Arts Festival.