– Groote Eylandt Painting –

The most distinctive feature of paintings from Groote Eylandt is the deep, rich black background.

This defining blackness is created out of manganese which Groote Eylandt is famous for being the world’s biggest producer. Traditional Groote Eylandt linework, known as dash painting, is a unique painting style endemic to the region.

Iconic subjects depicted include totemic animals, birds, encounters with Macassan praus, constellations and abstract patterns that represent the winds that command the seasons in the Gulf. Historically, culturally and aesthetically important bark paintings from Groote Eylandt form a significant part of collections, both public and private, in Australia and overseas.

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Banskia - Painting On Canvas - Annabell Amagula



Annabell Amagula

30 x 43 17-3769
Jellyfish and Stingray - Painting On Canvas - Murabuda Wurramarrba

Jellyfish and Stingray


Murabuda Wurramarrba - Acrylic on Canvas

31x42cm AACC169-12
Untitled - Painting On Canvas - Annabell Amagula



Annabell Amagula - Acrylic on Canvas

28 x 41 cm 17-3767