Wendy Mamarika

Wendy Mamarika

I was born at Umbakumba hospital, lived there long time, now i’m living in Angurgu.

I have six kids, they’re all married now and have lots of little ones.

I like working at the art centre, I feel good when I’m doing things with my hands.

There’s nothing to do at home, but I like to work, so I take my baskets home and talk to family when I do it.

Last week i’ve been trying to make the basket slowly, but I got so tired, my fingers get weak from the weaving. So we need to rest overnight and go back to it in the morning. When I’m ready I come back and work more and more and more. Already, some of my baskets have gone to the gallery. Sometimes my daughter helps me when I get too tired. I love my family.


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