Noeleen Lalara Danjibana

Noeleen Lalara

I’ve been living on Umbakumba, my mothers country, since 2008.

I’ve been doing arts for a while, partly for my Bachelor training at CDU. I study a Bachelor of Education and have only 4 units left to finish my degree. I have grandsons so I’ve been doing it slowly, travelling to Darwin to study.

I do weaving with ghost net with pandanus, ghost net and strips of clothes. We all do it differently, my daughter in law Maicie does it her way and I do mine. We help each other too.

When the art centre at Umbakumba opens Maicie & I will train all the other ladies to weave too.

I’m based at home here with my grandsons, when I’m bored I just get some ghost nets and do some weaving.


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