Macreena Bara

Macreena Bara

“I like it here, I enjoy myself. I love my job here with Lucy, Abby & Annabel.

Every Monday & Tuesday we do the baskets and make them earrings.

Every Wednesday we to the dye with Annabel, Lucy, Abby & Bernadette.

My favourite thing is the baskets, makes me busy and I don’t worry about other things.

I watched the old people makes baskets, good way. I thought to myself, I want to make baskets but can’t. I watched her make them baskets for a long time and put it in my mind. I felt proud when I made my first basket.

I used to watch the old people weave with Pandanus, I used to sit with them and listen to their stories. They tell us those stories so that when they pass away we keep the stories alive.

Weaving is important for us, it’s for women.

At home, i’m single and have 4 kids. My eldest son is 24 named Leroy Mamarika, second daughter is Arin Mamarika, she’s 18. My third, my son, David Mamarika is 13 years old. Little girl is 10 years old named Lena. I love my kids.”


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