Edith Mamarika

Edith Mamarika

Edith is a senior Warnindilyakwa woman who was born in Umbakumba and has lived there her whole life. Edith is a weaver and uses both mangkurrkwa (pandanus) and ghost net to make baskets and jewellery. Edith has also designed a scarf and digital print textile incorporating the morning star – Ediths totem for Mamarika. 

“Warnindilyakwa is the name for all the Anindilyakwa people, Mamarika is one group. I am the eldest of the Mamarikas here in Umbakumba.

I was born at Umbakumba, on my fathers country. My mothers country is Salt Lake.

My father he was out fishing and saw that first white fella boat came to Groote Eylandt. He was busy fishing when one of the men came out on a dingy to the shore. That man yelled out to my father, he had a Bara Bara man he took from Yirrikala so he could speak my father’s language and translate.”


Umbakumba : NT



Father Country:


Mother Country:

Angwirrkwirrikba (Salt Lake)



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