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As a remote art centre, stockists are an important mechanism for our crafts to meet their new owners across Australia & the world.

Our existing range of offerings for stockists, including our bush dyed scarf range, jewellery & ghost net baskets, have now been extended to carvings, spears and didgeridoos.

Each piece of our range has been handmade by an Anindilyakwa person living proudly on their country.

We encourage new stockists and offer the option of consignment on initial orders to make stocking our beautiful artwork as easy as possible.

Our Eylandt Offering

Bush Dyed Silk Scarf - Bush Dyed Scarves - Annie Shannon

Silk Scarf
Habutai silk - handrolled hem
160 x 40cm
$130.00 RRP

Bush Dyed Satin Silk Scarf - Scarf - Maicey Lalara

Satin Silk Scarf
Satin silk luxury blend
180 x 270cm
$95.00 - RRP $190.00

Bush Dyed Silk Wool Scarf - Bush Dyed Scarves - Elsie  Bara

Silk Wool Scarf
20% silk 80% superfine merino wool
180 x 32cm
$190.00 RRP

Bush Dyed Silk Wrap - Bush Dyed Sarongs - Letoria Yulidjirri

Silk Wrap
Habutai silk - handrolled hem
230 x 87cm
$240.00 RPP

Bush Dyed Merino Wool Wrap - Bush Dyed Scarves - Joanne  Mamarika

Merino Wool Throw
Australian merino wool
220 x 140 cm
$300.00 RRP

Our Island Colours

As our dye colours are drawn from the land, each garment is entirely unique and subject to seasonal changes and artist technique.

While we are unable at this stage to offer individually selected items to stockists we are happy to accommodate for your tonal preferences.

At the moment - Anindilyakwa artists are producing largely the following tones:

Young Bush Peach
Young Bush Peach
Bush Peach
Bush Peach

Bush Dyed Jewellery

Ghost Net Baskets

Bush Dye Cushion Cover

Ghost Net & Bush Dyed Fabric Earrings - Earrings - Sharna Wurramara
Ghost Net & Fabric Earrings - Earrings - Annabell Amagula

Anindilyakwa jewellery is created with seeds & nuts, collected from the coastlines and country of the Groote Eylandt archipelago.

Interwoven into Anindilyakwa jewellery are hand bush dyed textiles and ghost netting collected from the Arafura sea.

Ghost Net & Fabric Basket - Ghost Net Art - Tammy Lalara
Ghost Net & Fabric Basket - Ghost Net Art - Dianne  Lalara
Ghost Net & Fabric Basket - Ghost Net Art - Tammy Lalara

Lost & forgotten fishermans netting washes up in huge quanities on the coast of Groote Eylandt.

“Those nets kill our bush tucker, our turtles and fish and crab, the rangers go around and pick up the net and give it to us. Our weavings carry the story.” - Annabel Amagula

Large Ribbed Linen Cushion Cover - Pillow Case - Annabell Amagula
Large Linen Cushion Cover - Pillow Case - Allanita Lalara

50 x 50 cm, hand bush dyed natural linen. Through the bush dyeing process, Anindilyakwa women come together to carry unique impressions of country & culture into fabric.

Care - Hand wash with this item with love, a mild detergent and cold water. Colours may transfer and fade over time.

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